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Christopher Bull

Aspiring Oceanographer at Northumbria University. Big data python enthusiast. Outdoor adventurer.

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The following is some code I’ve writen or contributed to, all on GitHub:

  • mkmov is designed to make a movie from a NetCDF file or stitch together a series of *.png files. Interface is by command line and everything is done in one line! Documentation is here.

  • eddytracking is a Chelton et al. (Prog. Ocean., 2011) style, eddy tracking package I contributed to. Originally written by Eric Oliver.

  • MkPaper creates a figure document in 3 + n lines of code, where n is the number of figures you have! Check out the blog post I wrote on it here.

  • plthacks Plthacks is a Python package that wraps Matplotlib to make common (tedius) tasks faster, currently, it can create a grid of an arbitrary number of plots from an ordered dictionary, there’s a blog post about it here.

  • Imgtrkr Ever wondered which file produced that beautiful plot you’re looking at? Have you spent an embarrasing amount of time looking for said script? Imgtrkr is a tiny python package that wraps the PIL python library so you can write useful metadata to your png files. (Personally, I write the file that created it, the time and the machine but it’s whatever you like!) You can also pass a list of *.png files that imgtrkr has ‘tagged’ to the command line and it will print your metadata! There’s a movie of how it all work here.