MkMov documentation!

What does it do?

This utility is designed to make a movie from a NetCDF file or stitch together a series of *.png files. Interface is by command line and everything is done in one line! All code is on GitHub, pull requests welcome!

MkMov’s utility is best shown by an example, here is AVISO global allsat madt, output is daily and variable is adt.

This movie was created with a single line command, namely

python 2d adt --lmask -214748 --cmap Set3 -o /srv/ccrc/data42/z3457920/mkmovmovies4/ /srv/ccrc/data42/z3457920/RawData/AVISO/RawData/dt_global_allsat_madt/*/*.nc &>  /srv/ccrc/data42/z3457920/mkmovmovies4/15.log &

MkMov does more than just filled contour plots, have a look at usage to see other options. More examples with their respective run command here.

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