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Aspiring Oceanographer at Northumbria University. Big data python enthusiast. Outdoor adventurer.

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Blog posts that describe the journey of building a regional configuration of NEMO 3.6 “WED12” on ARCHER. These posts assume that the process is followed start to finish (oldest to newest) and are strongly based on Nicolas Jourdain’s BUILD_NEMO_CONFIG, we will follow this fork.

Build the inital state and forcing fields for WED12 (Step 5)

21 May 2018. Building the initial state and forcing fields for WED12.

Pre-processing tools for WED12 (Step 4)

21 May 2018. Building the pre-processing tools

Building WED12 (Step 3)

18 May 2018. Starting the WED12 configuration (compiling NEMO and NEMO’s maketools)

Testing NEMO (Step 2)

18 May 2018. Running an idealised test case configuration with NEMO

Downloading NEMO and installing XIOS on ARCHER (Step 1)

17 May 2018. We take the first step of downloading, compiling and testing NEMO code on ARCHER