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Starting the WED12 configuration (compiling NEMO and NEMO’s maketools)

Suggested reading:

Create WED12 configuration

First of all, choose a configuration name, e.g. WED12, AMU12, PERIANT025, etc, and save it, i.e.: export CONFIG='WED12'

Compile for a new configuration, e.g. the WED12 configuration (you can have several ones)

echo "$CONFIG OPA_SRC LIM_SRC_3" >> cfg.txt  ## here for OPA+LIM3 (see cfg.txt for other options)
mkdir $CONFIG

Choose fppkeys prior to compilation (see NEMO documentations or examples in existing configurations, e.g. MY_NEMO/NEMOGCM/CONFIG/AMM12/cpp_AMM12.fcm), and compile, e.g. :

echo " bld::tool::fppkeys key_dynldf_c2d key_dynspg_flt key_iomput  key_ldfslp  key_tide key_lim3 key_mpp_mpi key_mpp_rep key_nosignedzero key_trabbl key_traldf_c2d key_vvl key_xios2  key_zdfddm key_zdftke key_zdftmx " > ${CONFIG}/cpp_${CONFIG}.fcm
time ./makenemo -n $CONFIG -m XC_ARCHER_INTEL -j 8 &> compile.log &
tail -f compile.log            ## to follow the compilation
ls -al ${CONFIG}/BLD/bin/nemo.exe  ## to check that everything went fine

NB: if you recompile, it is recommended to remove these directories: rm -rf ${CONFIG}/WORK ${CONFIG}/BLD;cd ..

NEMO maketools

Compile REBUILD_NEMO (used to recombine outputs at the end of the jobs):

./maketools -h  ## use same architecture as for NEMO's compilation (e.g. XC_ARCHER_INTEL)
ls -al REBUILD_NEMO/BLD/bin/  ## to check that everything went fine
cd ..
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