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Aspiring Oceanographer at Northumbria University. Big data python enthusiast. Outdoor adventurer.

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Python related blog posts…

Python package for gridding subplots, fast!

14 March 2016. Plthacks is a Python package that wraps Matplotlib to make common (tedius) tasks faster, this post is about creating a grid of an arbitrary number of plots f...

Python package for one-line creation of movies from netCDF files.

22 January 2016. Update 10.10.2016. MkMov 0.4 now supports a bunch of other outputs, see usage for details.

Bash function for super fast loading of netCDF files in Python.

2 December 2015. I often finding myself wanting basic information about netCDF files and needing to inspect it in Python quickly.

Programmatic paper writing with MkPaper

25 November 2015. MkPaper creates a figure document in 3 + n lines of code, where n is the number of figures you have!

Beautiful argument parsing with docopt and ultisnips.

1 October 2015. I recently discovered docopt, this super neat command line parser. I’ve used sys.argv and the argparse module but they’ve always felt too limited or overly c...

Gotcha in Pandas using HDFStore frame_tables

8 January 2014. Recently, I changed from using regular pytable HDFStores to fancy frame_tables. The move was mostly for the better as my HDFStores were big. Of course, my ol...

Bug with Matplotlib when making movies.

30 July 2013. I wanted to make a movie, the plan was to use Matplotlib to make the frames and then stitch them together using ffmpeg. The problem I had was that I’d make a...

Scipy.interpolate.griddata regridding data.

14 July 2013. Climate scientists are always wanting data on different grids. Python docs are typically excellent but I couldn’t find a nice example using rectangular/mesh ...

New to using Python for data analysis?

16 June 2013. Attention climate scientists. Python is the way of the future! Wondering why? Read over Johnny Lin’s article. Then check out my Python resources page.