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Recently, I changed from using regular pytable HDFStores to fancy frame_tables. The move was mostly for the better as my HDFStores were big. Of course, my old code modifying the dataframes broke because of this little bit of syntax…

In [1]: import pandas as pd
In [2]: p=pd.HDFStore('/path/to/some/hdfstore.h5')
In [3]: p.DF['latitude'][0]=20
In [4]: p.DF['latitude'][0]
Out[4]: -25.0
In [5]:'DF')
In [6]: DF['latitude'][0]=20
In [7]: DF['latitude'][0]
Out[7]: 20.0
In [8]: p                                                                                                                            
File path: /path/to/some/hdfstore.h5                              
/DF                frame_table  (typ->appendable,nrows->24165608,ncols->7,indexers->[index],dc->[longitude,latitude,depth_m,abstime])
/PARLOC            frame_table  (typ->appendable,nrows->17913,ncols->4,indexers->[index])
In [10]: pd.__version__                                                                                                              
Out[10]: '0.12.0' 

Of course, the annoying part is that line four doesn’t throw an error message!

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